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CHANSON  22-8 1    Black 110 Photo
BAILE (Chanson) 25-12 2    Red 295 Photo
BAILE (Chanson) 30-24 2   Black or Red 360 Photo
BAILE (Chanson)  26-48 2  2+0 Black or Red 450 Photo
BAILE (Chanson) 30-48 2   Black or Red 460 Photo
DELICIA 48 26-48 2 2+0 Black or Red 850 Photo
DELICIA JUNIOR 23 26-72 3 5+2 Black or Red 1100 Photo
E.SOPRANI 26-48 2 2+0 Red or Black 930 Photo
FANTINI STUDIO SP/0 26-48(72) 2 2+0 Various DISCONTINUED
HOHNER BRAVO 48 26-48 2 2+0 Black/Red 980 Photo
HOHNICA 48 26-48 2 2+0 Red 530 Photo
MORESCHI 26-48 2 2+0 Black or Red 930 Photo
PAOLO SOPRANI 48 26-48 2 2+0 Black/Red 1250 Photo
SCARLATTI 26-72 2 2+0 Red 430 Photo
SCARLATTI (12x4)  34-48 3 5+0 Black 540 Photo
SCARLATTI 30-48 2 Red 440 Photo
STEPHENELLI  26-48 2 2+0 Red & Black 460 Photo
WELTMEISTER MINI 22-12 1 Various 390 Photo
WELTMEISTER PERLE 26-48 2 2+0 Various 1020 Photo


BAILE CHANSON (Demo) 30-48 2 Red 390
DELICIA 48 26-48 2 (3)2+0 Black 490
GALOTTA (WELTMEISTER)  26-48 2 3(2)+0 Red 390
HOHNER STUDENT VM  26-40 2 2+0 Red 510 Photo
MARRINUCCI** 34-48 3 4+0 Grey 490 Photo
PARROT 34-48 3 5+0 Red 320 Photo
ROSSINI 25-12 2 Red 190
STELLA 30-32 2 Black 180 Photo
STELLA 30-48 2 Red 210 Photo
WELTMEISTER PERLE 26-48 2 White 690
WELTMEISTER * 26-48 3 5+0 Red 490 Photo
WELTMEISTER RUBIN 30-60 2 (3)2+0 Black 770

LOOK !!!

In dealing with my customers' much needed repairs, the waiting time for any major work is now running into several months.  This continuing demand means that any instruments that have come into stock needing more than small refinements to their appearance or condition never end up being restored as planned.  As you will have seen from my lists, all instruments that I sell are offered with a full three year guarantee and therefore have to be in good order.   This means any instruments that come in requiring restoration prior to sale has become unrealistic and indeed, for some time, impossible.  

With the realisation of my website, I have decided to try a new approach with these instruments and offer my customers the opportunity to buy any them at a fair price on a 'sold as seen' basis.  Most of the instruments on this extra list should have a complete overhaul done to the reeds but I have had many enquiries for cheap accordions so that someone would get an idea of playing without having to spend very much. Some of the accordions may not be as cosmetically pleasing as I would want, but in my experience I have spoken to many customers who are not concerned about the looks; or in some instances, some enthusiasts may be 'handymen' willing to have a go themselves at certain repairs as long as the instrument is generally playable in the first place.  

Ideally, it is not what I would like to do but that said, with such a huge stock I simply do not have the space to store or the time to carry out the necessary work.  However, if the particular accordion you buy should be exactly what you are after and you do want the overhaul done by me, then  it can be booked in to have any necessary work done at a later date.

To see the list of these accordions, please click below on the picture.

The picture above is of a cushion expertly designed and embroidered by Zena Tippenden.


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This list was last reviewed and updated December, 2017.

All accordions come complete with straps, case and full 3 year guarantee
Need straps or accessories?
Any and all repairs carried out on the premises, where possible, while you wait.

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